Meet Our Staff

Denton Combs

Master of Science in Nursing, Certified Nurse Practitioner

Credentials and Background

  • Masters in Science from South Dakota State University 1999 with a Family Nurse Practitioner Degree

Denton has dedicated his practice to working with allergy since 1999.  For the first two years of  his career he worked in sinus and allergy followed by internal medicine and allergy for five years, then ENT and allergy for six years, and independent allergy and nonsurgical ENT since 2011.

Danneil Musser

Registered Nurse

Credentials and Background

  • Registered Nurse, Huron University 2002
  • Been practicing nursing since 2002 and started specializing in ENT/Allergy in 2006, previous experience in Family Practice and Pediatrics

Emily Karlstad

Certified Medical Assistant

Credentials and Background​

  • Certified Medical Assistant, Presentation College 2009
  • Has been certified since 2009 with previous experience in Family Practice and Pediatrics