Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid Availability Update: The latest Information Available
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We announced a few weeks back that our manufacturing upgrades were complete, but many of you still had questions about what the upgrades entailed, and understandably so. Simply put: We are expanding to keep up with the growing demand for Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid.


To keep up with demand for our medications, we moved to a new facility and got to work on upgrading our equipment and processes. During the transition, however, we experienced a large surge in orders and had difficulty meeting them. This regretfully caused the backorder of our medications, which we are actively working our way out of. The good news is that the upgrades we have made ensure that, not only will be able to satisfy all orders, we will be able to ensure ongoing, full-scale production without any disruptions. You can also rest assured that neither Nature-Throid or WP Thyroid are being discontinued, despite what you may have heard.


Our teams are making every effort to have all strengths stocked and available as quickly as possible while adhering to our strict quality standards–the industry allows for a monograph discrepancy of +/-10% between T4 and T3, but Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid are not released outside of +/-2%. All counts of the medications will be released and strengths are being prioritized based on highest demand. We are unable to provide any definitive dates at this time, but hope to have them in the coming weeks and will share updates as soon as they are available.


If you’re have difficulty getting your prescription from your usual pharmacy, we recommend calling around to other local pharmacies to see if they have your strength in stock. You can also check with any of the mail-order pharmacies that are listed on our website:; they may be able to provide a faster turnaround.


We sincerely apologize for the strain the delay has caused and we are working day and night to get back on track. Patients are and always have been the top priority at RLC Labs and we are steadfast in our commitment to supplying the highest quality hypothyroid medications.


Thank you, The RLC Labs Team


*Please discuss any health-related questions or concerns, including those about symptoms, with your physician.



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